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XML Examples

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These examples use data from some checks in a personal check book. The data from the checks are kept in an XML file. The first example shows an application of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with the XML file. Here you can view the XML file, the CSS file, and the results.

The second example shows the same XML check file, but this time with an XSL file that converts the XML data for display into an HTML table. Here you can again view the XML data as well as the XSL file and the resulting HTML document.

The final example shows the use of a Cascasing Style Sheet (CSS) again with the same XML document. However, this time, the CSS tries to give some structure to the XML data.

These are some good examples of some practical XML applications. These examples follow the check book example given in the XML for Beginners section on this site.

XML - Examples

Job Openings:

ECom Developer: [See Curriculum]

This developer designs and implements applications that make use of XML and related technologies such as XML Schema, XSLT and XPath. This developer has a strong understanding of XML fundamentals; knowledge of XML concepts and related technologies; understands how data relates to XML, in particular with issues associated to information modeling, XML processing, XML rendering and Web Services; has a thorough knowledge of core XML related W3C recommendations; and is familiar with well-known, best practices.

Suggested Experience:

Resources: (all the specifications for XML and related technologies)
XML-Apache (the Apache XML Project;Xerces XML parser, Xalan XSL Processor and much more)
IBM XML Development (link to XML certification, technical white papers, and more)
XML Tutorials (various online tutorials for XML and related technologies)
XML Resource (Tim Bray's annotated XML)
XML Resource (the non-profit XML web site, resources, references and more.)
Internet Security Issues (excellent source for current security issues. Has free software for checking system security.)

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